Here At Enid Maunder Beauty Salon, We offer 2 Types Of Massage

Massage is an enjoyable way of easing life’s stresses and tensions, improving blood and lymph circulation and reducing muscular aches and pains. Massage has become a very popular treatment in the salon, partly due to the increased pace of life that we are living at these days, and to the excellent massage techniques that our experienced therapists use of course!
Our clients have found that regular massage, (usually once or twice a month), reduces symptoms such as headache, migraine, neck pain, lower back pain and anxiety. At the Enid Maunder Beauty Salon, we are extremely proud of the excellent reputation that we have for delivering individual, therapeutic body massage to our clients.​​

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Swedish Massage

Calms the nervous system and relaxes muscular tension. The technique uses a combination of effleurage, petrissage and tapotement movements to introduce the massage medium (usually almond oil) into the skin, to relieve ‘knotty’ muscles and to aid blood and lymphatic circulation. Various degrees of pressure are used by the therapist, depending on the age of the client, your sensitivity and the condition of your muscles.

Aromatherapy massage

Is a holistic treatment that treats the body and mind using the qualities of Pure Essential Oils. Aromatherapy massage techniques are particularly beneficial in reducing toxins in the body and excess fluid due to its slow, rhythmical application. During this treatment, Essential Oils are blended to achieve improved function and harmony in the body. Essential Oils have a range of effects including analgesia, relaxation, energising and lifting the mood. Ask Enid to design a blend specific to your needs.

I visit this salon once a month for a back, neck and shoulder massage with Stephanie. She always makes me feel welcome and genuinely interested in my well being. The massage never feels like a routine and Stephanie amends them according to my needs at the time. A lovely friendly salon.

Elysia Rozee, March 2019

I have been going to Enid maunder beauty salon for about 15 years. I have tried reflexology, Indian Head massage, back and neck, and full body massage. I also have my eyebrows tidied. All treatments are relaxing but personally I find a full body or back and neck massage the most beneficial.
My first therapist left to start a family and I was unsure if I would get used to someone new, but when Stephanie became my therapist she quickly found my pressure levels and always asks me how I am and if I have any areas that are particularly tight.
I am a keen gardener and share an allotment with family. I feel my treatments are not just a luxury but essential. I am 72 and want to keep going as long as possible. Stephanie is really professional with a nice personality and I really enjoy my sessions. I always come away feeling pampered and relaxed.


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